PN Group - Regal und Metallbautechnik aus Schwanenstadt in Oberösterreich

Mission Statement

Our experience is to your advantage

It has been clear since the beginning that, as well as being solution-oriented, action has been our defining characteristic. Our long-term partnerships with employees, customers and suppliers are based exclusively on sustainability and the resulting values. With our highly-trained staff, we meet the highest safety standards during assembly. Our employees are regularly instructed and trained in-house.

The primary objective of the management and all employees of PN Group Regal und Metallbautechnik GmbH is to achieve maximum occupational safety and environmental and health protection in the context of the tasks assigned to us.

The use of modern methodologies, best practices and testing equipment, as well as highly-trained personnel, means that accidents and work-related health hazards, as well as environmental and material damages, are avoided. The management meets all requirements that serve the health of our employees and third parties, as well as maintaining a healthy environment for us, our customers and suppliers. It is the aim of all employees of PN Group Regal and Metallbautechnik GmbH to offer and implement services that fulfill the requirements and expectations of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

To this end, modern methods, proven procedures and testing facilities, as well as highly-trained and educated personnel, are used. All phases of construction and implementation are carefully planned and carried out in compliance with standards, procedures and legal regulations.

Durch laufende Prüfung und Verbesserung unserer Abläufe sowie ständige Weiterbildung unserer Mitarbeiter stellen wir sicher, dass unsere Montagen den hohen Qualitätsansprüchen unserer Kunden entsprechen. Weiters wird unser Unternehmen in regelmäßigen Abständen zertifiziert (SCCP, SCP & ISO) und damit die Basis für die bestmögliche Zusammenarbeit zwischen PN-Group und ihren Kunden geschaffen.

Through ongoing testing and improvement of our processes, as well as continuous training of our employees, we ensure that our assemblies meet the high quality standards our customers expect. Furthermore, our company is certified at regular intervals (SCCP, SCP & ISO) and thus, the basis for the best possible co-operation between PN-Group and its customers is always maintained.

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PN Group - Regal und Metallbautechnik aus Schwanenstadt in Oberösterreich
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